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Robert with Frank Sr. (father) at Lout and Dot Felice's 50th wedding anniversary party on 7/20/2003.
Robert with family - Frank Sr.(father), Eleanor (mother), Kelly (niece), Frank Jr. (brother), Estelle (Aunt), Mary (Nonnie) on Easter 1989.
123 Robert in shorts and white vest. P
Robert in shorts and white vest behind a counter. P
125 Robert and Tom Connolly with nose gear to sample certain aromas. P
126 Robert with David L. and friend. P
Robert with 6 friends. P
Robert with 2 friends. P
Robert with Blake on Robert's 49th Birthday Party at East of Eighth in NYC on 3/11/2011. P
Robert in pink sleeveless top during trip to California with Roy Doliner. P
131 Robert next to fish traps in Maine during trip with Tom Connolly. P
132 Robert with friend, Tom Connolly, on a rocky beach. P

Robert standing next to black buggy.

134 Robert at a castle in Europe. P
135 Robert in a plaza in Europe. P
137 Robert with friend standing at top of mountain. P
138 Robert standing with red gloves on top of mountain. P
139 Robert as young adult, smiling. P

Robert with Laura Lowell, his prior girlfiriend, back to back on a tennis court in the sunshine, smiling.

141 Robert with Laura Lowell, his prior girlfiriend, with arms around each other, on a tennis court in the sunshine, smiling. P
142 Robert with Laura Lowell, his prior girlfiriend, side by side, on a tennis court in the sunshine, smiling. P
143 Robert's Diploma dated 5/21/1977 for Associate in Applied Science, College of Science , Rochester Institute of Technology. O
144 Robert's Diploma dated 8/31/1983 for Bachelor of Science, College of Applied Science and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, through the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. O
145 Robert's business card for his position as a Package Development Engineer for Best Foods, a division of CPA International, Inc. O

(Per email from Bob Liese on 3/9/2004 -
It was a prom in Rochester either May or June- 1974 -- I assume it was May
or June because that is usually the month when senior proms have it. I don't
remember where exact location was but it was in Rochester,ny. The breakfast sound
great with you and your parents. Please let me know ahead time. Thanks. Bob Liese

Robert with Bob Liese, roommate at Rochester Institute of Technology, and attended as guests the senior high school prom of the 2 girls shown in the photo.  
Robert with clockwise Bob Liese, Dan DiGirolamo, and John Evangelista, at a bowling alley in Queens, NYC on 4/15/1978. P
148 Robert with unidentified girl. P
149 Robert with Kat in a photo booth. P
150 Robert with Kat on a mountain before the end of 2/1977. P

Robert in jumpsuit at a ski mountain. P
152 Robert with several classmates. P
153 Robert with several other classmates P
154 Robert with Laura Lowell before the end of May 1978. P

Per Laura email of 4/24/04: This was at Mount Airy Lodge- the same weekend when Robert and I were playing tennis......

Robert kissing Laura Lowell, at a pool, before the end of June 1978.


156 Robert with Laura Lowell, toasting. P



Robert, barechested, with Laura Lowell among trees and stones.  


Per Laura email of 4/24/04: this was taken at the airport as I was leaving to go back home from Rochester, Columbus Day week-end either 1981,1982, or maybe 1983...can't remember....Robert had gone back to school after I started working in the Bronx- I was a little somber, as I was leaving him to come back home...

Robert with Laura Lowell in the Rochester airport on Columbus Dad week-end in either 1981, 1982 or maybe 1983.



Per Laura email of 4/24/04: This was taken at the Playboy Club one summer- this was a super wonderful time for Robert and me- We had also gone to Action Park where they had all of the water rides. While we were at the Playboy Club, we danced the nite away in one of their clubs. Wonderful memories!!!!! We were so happy!!!


Robert with Laura Lowell at an umbrella table at the Playboy Club. P

Per email from Laura on 4/24/2004: The one by the bridge was a wedding we went to- this was on the Bronx side- I believe that is the Throgs Neck Bridge in the background; if not, then it is the Whitestone...a friend of mine got married in October of 1982. 4/27/2002 email - Hi Frank-the name of the catering place is "Marina Del Rey". I had drawn a blank- asked my girlfriend whose wedding it was. This is info for picture of Robert and me standing outside, with the Throgs Neck Bridge in the background, Oct.23, 1982.

Robert with Laura Lowell at "Marina Del Rey" in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx on 10/23/1982 at a wedding of Laur'a friend, near water with the Throgs Neck Bridge in the background. P