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Robert with 7 friends at David L.'s bash (photo from Kat).
Robert with 3 friends in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. (photo from Kat).
83 Robert with Kat on Cherry Grove beach in 1997. (photo from Kat). P
Robert with 2 friends, cooking in Vermont1997 (photo from Kat). P
85 Robert with Kat and Warren at David L.'s home in Vermont (photo from Kat). P
86 Robert with 5 friends, George, Ira, Michale, David, and Kat, at a Greek restaurant for his 50th birthday party in March 2002 (photo from Kat). P
Robert with birthday cake on 50th Birthday party (photo from Kat). P
Robert with Kat on 49th Birthday (photo from Kat). P
Robert with 4 friends (including Kat and Collie) (photo from Kat). P
Robert with 3 friends (including Kat and David L.) in Killington, Vt. (photo from Kat). P
91 Robert at 2003 Labor Day Weekend Tug Boat Festival (photo from Kat). P
92 Robert with 5 friends at the Botanical Gardens in New York (photo from Kat). P

Robert with Kat, standing (photo from Kat).

94 Robert Kat and Collie in party clothes (photo from Kat). P
95 Robert with Kat at the Macy's Parade in 2000 (photo from Kat). P
Robert with Kath in party clothes (photo from Kat). P
97 Robert with Warren, Kat, and David L. at Botanical Gardens (photo from Kat). P
98 Robert with Kat and Collie at 2003 Labor Day Weekend Tugboat Festival (photo from Kat). P
99 Robert with female friend (photo from Kat). P

Robert with Warren, David L., and Kat (photo from Kat).

101 Robert with blonde hair and a male friend. (photo from Kat). P
102 Robert with Ira on Robert's birthday, with cake (photo from Kat). P
103 Robert with 2 friends at Botanical Gardens (photo from Kat). P
104 Robert with 2 friends, all standing (photo from Kat). P
105 Robert with various friends in 3 photos from Kat. P
106 Robert and Collie at Botanical Gardens (photo from Kat). P
107 Robert at Botanical Gardens near a pond (photo from Kat). P
108 Robert with Kat signing "I love you" (photo from Kat). P
109 Robert with 19 people at his 49th Birthday Party at East of Eighth Restaurant in Manhattan, NY on 3/11/2001 (photo from Kat). P
110 Robert with 3 friends and white necklesses (photo from Kat). P

Note from Kat: This picture was taken on Washington Square Park, the night before NYU commencement in 1986. Robert was standing with my former NYU roommate, Mindy Brown, with whom I graduated the next day. Robert celebrated the pre-graduation party with us! Two summers ago, Robert and I had a lovely dinner with Mindy (and her family) in Washington DC. They live in Amsterdam, Netherland.

Robert with Mindy Brown, Kat's former NYU roomate (photo from Kat). P
112 Robert with 3 female friends. P
113 Robert with friend in a feather hat. P
114 Robert with friends (George, Warren, Lou-Anthony, Ray, Joe, Blake, Peter) at Memorial Service for David Bertin on 11/20/1993. P
115 Robert with 2 male friends. P
116 Robert with Lou-Anthony and Tom in Plainfield, NJ on 5/17/1992. P



Robert and 2 friends.  

Note from Kat about this photo. It was taken on a very warm and balmy Thanskgiving 1988 (about 16 years ago) in Annapolis, MD. Robert, Kat, Charles (hubby of Gloria), Gloria Michel, Amy Bopp, Audrey (Amy's first child), and Pat (Amy's hubby). Gloria, Amy, Robert and I were friends since 1973 (NTID years). Amy was one of the housemates of Robert's and mine at the farmhouse during the academic year of 1975 - 1976. On that Thanksgiving day, it was so lovely outside, we moved the table and chairs outside to the front yard of Gloria and Charles' home!


Robert with Kat and 5 friends on Thanksgiving 1988.



Note from Kat: Honestly, Frank, much to my surprise, I don't know where this photo came from. That was my father playing with Robert over the Christmas Holiday in 1999 or 2000. My father really thought highly of him, having known him for many years. He often asked me, "How was Bob Sisco?" and I gently corrected him, his name was now Robert, not Bob. smiles.


Robert with friend Kat's father and scrabble. P
120 Robert with candle on tart on dish. P